SSH&'s eye catcher in Arnhem is student flat Helix. This tower was converted from an office tower to a residential tower. The complex excels in durability and comfort. Helix has got energylabel A. It runs on district heating and there are solar panels on the roof.

The independent rooms in Helix all have the same rent. The basic rent is € 398,-. The additional service costs are € 105,25. The total rent is € 503,25. For that view... By the way, unique in Arnhem, is that you can rent a Swapfiets when you live in Helix. You can't do that anywhere else in Arnhem! For a little price, you can rent a bike. When something is broken, you get a new one. Take a look at swapfiets.com for more information.



The independent rooms are located on floor 10 up to 18 (don'’'t worry, there are elevators!). Independent means that every rooms has it'’'s own kitchen, bathroom and toilet. On every floor, a washing machine an dryer are provided for shared use. There is a big bicycle storage area on the ground floor. On the first floor, you have got your own storage room.

The rooms are provided with fiberglass wallpaper on the walls and vinyl on the floors. We will also hang a curtain rod for your convenience. The kitchen is equipped with an electric hob, a cooking hood and a refrigerator. There is room for your own microwave oven, freezer or dish washer. In the bathroom you'll find a shower, a washbasin with a plank and the toilet. Moreover, you'll have your own intercom system with video. And, of course, there is wifi and a tv connection. The windows can open for ventilation, but only in the tilting position.

Housing type E
The rooms of type E are the corner rooms. There are four of these rooms on every floor (marked dark grey on the floor plan). The rooms are over 25 square meters big. They are very light because of the big windows on two sides of the room. Do you see yourself enjoying the view in this room?

Housing type F
The rooms of type F are located in the middle of the hallways (marked dark grey on the floor plan). When you enter the room, you can enjoy the view over Arnhem directly, because of the big windows on the narrow side of the room. The rooms are over 20 square meters big. Do you already know where you are going to put your bed?

Housing type G
The rooms of type G are over 21 meters big. These rooms are almost the same as the rooms of type F. They are directly located next to the corner rooms. On these rooms, the view is also very impressive because of the big windows. Who are you going to invite to come and taste your self made pasta?