In the Klarendal disctrict, our complex Leeuwensteinplein can be found. This building was built in 2006 and is therefore relatively new. The disctrict has the ambition to become the Notting Hill of the Netherlands. And this is your chance to be a part of that! Public transportation is very close to this complex. The HAN campus and Van Hall Larenstein are a ten minutes bike ride away. 5 more minutes and you are in the city centre. The district is surround by several parks. So if you want to relax or if you want to run a nice round, you can do it all over here!

Very convenient: the rooms are furnished. No need to drag around furniture yourself. In this complex, 49 rooms are available. The all-in price for a room is € 389,-. That's including furniture.



The 49 rooms in this complex are divided over four floors. On this floors, apartments for non-students are rented too. These are the corner appartments. The apartments in the middle of the hallways are the student rooms.

Per room you share your kitchen, bathroom and toilet with one other person. That way, you actually have an apartment with one other person. There is one three person apartment. In the rooms in this apartment, you share your kitchen, bathroom and toilet with two others. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and cooking hob. In the bathroom there are a shower and a washin basin. You can use a shared washing machine and dryer. The rooms on the ground floor and the third floor have a balcony. The rooms all are around 13 square meters big.

All rooms are furnished. You are provided with: table, office chair, office lamp, single bed, wardrobe, chair, floor lamp, paper bin, ceiling lamp, bulletin board, roller blinds and even a painting on the wall. Every room has wifi. Everything you need is there!

Plans Leeuwensteinplein