In the city centre of Arnhem our complex Rijnkade can be found. This complex consists of two separate parts. The part of the complex with the entrance on the Rijnkade, fifteen international students of Van Hall Larenstein are living. The rooms in the part with the entrance on the Eusebiusplein are rented to regular students. We do so since 2016, when we rebuilt this characteristic building to a student house.

There are twelve rooms in this building, divided over four floors. There is a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom and toilet. The rents for these rooms vary from € 306,- to € 435,-. Service costs are included.



Every floor in this building is different. That's what makes Rijnkade so much fun. Every room has it's own washing basin. And yes, off course there is wifi and a tv connection.

There are two rooms in the basement. One room is over 16 square meters big and has a direct entrance to the city garden. The other room is over 25 square meters big. You cook in the shared living kitchen on the ground floor. This kitchen is shared by the residents of the basement and ground floor. You can also find the bathroom and two toilets here. These are also shared with the residents of the basement and the ground floor. You can do your laundry in the washing machine (and dryer) on the ground floor.

Ground floor
There are five rooms on the ground floor. Room sizes vary from over 13 square meters up to over 20 square meters. The kitchen is share with the residents of the basement. This is also the case for the bathroom and two toilets and the living room. Nice and cosy! The washing machine and dryer are also located on this floor. These are also shared.

First floor
One floor higher, another two rooms can be found. One is almost 10 square meters and the other is over 12 square meters big. The kitchen is shared with the residents of the second floor. This is also the case for the bathroom and the toilet. The washing machine is on this floor too.

Second floor
On the top floor, the last three rooms can be found. The sizes of these rooms vary from over 12 square meters to over 14 square meters. For cooking you have to descend one floor. There you'll also find the bathroom and the toilet, and the washing machine and dryer. Choice enough to find cosyness!

Plans Rijnkade